PlusSpec 16 for Sketchup 2016

PlusSpec 16 for Sketchup 2016

Hi Guys, as promised we are continuing to further develop PlusSpec and we a. We are not interested in falling into the trap of adding functionality by adding complexity.  PlusSpec must be intuitive functional and easy to use.

As you would be aware we are continuously releasing updates yet PlusSpec 2016 will come  with a whole lot of extra functionality. Here are just a few

  • Sun and shadow simulation
  • Composite materials
  • North point and location driven axis alignment
  • Automated scene creation for Sketchup pro users and in model 2d representation automation
  • composite walls
  • composite materials
  • more dynamic components that will blow your mind
  • Design set out tools
  • and yes like always more intuitive tutorials so you can get with the job at hand.

So what is coming in Sketchup 16? We can only hypothesize yet there have been whispers around the campfire in regards to extra functionality in Layout, happy days I say. 2D documentation with a 3d model is paramount to getting jobs through the authorities and having the simplicity of Sketchup driving these 2D plans is why we all us Skethcup Pro, right?  Well not exactly, Sketchup pro has Dynamic components and IFC so we can all collaborate between other programs like Revit and ArchiCad. I look forward to seeing what comes up next.

yet I must say I can not wait until the day when we can all submit a 3D model for development applications and construction certificates.


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